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Blood Flow Wellness Screenings
BY Florida Imaging Diagnostics, LLC

Wellness Screening Information

Venous and arterial screenings can be conducted using non-invasive diagnostic testing in the modality ultrasound.  Screenings will provide customer information about any leg abnormalities that may cause pain, swelling, ulcers, numbness or even varicose veins.  Customer will be provided with results of screening so that he or she can follow-up with a their health care provider for further care and if needed, treatment.     


Target Audience, Purpose & Risk Factors


Providers, corporations, religious establishments, single individuals and any other customers that have been diagnosed or have symptoms or have a family history of blood flow disorders. 


Wellness is to provide services that will benefit community.   

Risk Factors 

Risk Factors include elderly, diabetes, obesity, peripheral vascular disease, pregnancy, prolong standing, inactive lifestyle, smoking, varicose veins, tight clothing, family history, high stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, sleep apnea, C-reactive protein, homocysteine, fibrinogen, lipoprotein (a). 

What Can Cause Symptoms

Leg Pain that can detail atherosclerosis, weak pulses, claudication (pain while walking), venous reflux, or any other blood flow resistant diagnoses are some causing symptoms. 

Symptoms are not limited to:

Leg/foot pain, numbness, discoloration, ulcers, decrease pulses, swelling, numbness and varicose veins.

Recommended Reading

Visit www.vascularandspine.com | www.nopainnovein.com for further information about specific testing conducted for venous disease and arterial disease. 


A phone call is always appreciated for more information. 

Thank you. 

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