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Ultrasound Systems

At FID (Florida Imaging Diagnostics, LLC) we are providing portable ultrasound diagnostic services at provider’s facility or nonfacility. FID performs specialize diagnostic exams in the modality ultrasound that evaluates Cardiac disease and vascular disease. FID’s ultimate goal is to care for patients pressing needs in the most cost-effective, technologically advanced, and professional method possible. 

We utilize digital GE Ultrasound Healthcare equipment, specifically the mobile “Vivid e” ultrasound systems with peripherals, and Unetixs Incorporated Multilab Vascular Series 2–CP with peripherals.  These systems are innovatively designed to assess anatomy, disease, and severity of disease. Florida Imaging Diagnostics, LLC has chosen equipment that is specialized to meet the needs of all customers: patients’, ordering physicians’ and reading physicians’. 

Registered Sonographers

We understand that ultrasound is a technologist-dependent exam in all ultrasound especiallties.  Accuracy and quality is reliant upon the sonographer’s experience and the equipment used. At FID the sonographers are multi-credentialed under the ARDMS, and have years of experience in the hospital, office, and diagnostic center based settings. If a technologist is employed by Florida Imaging Diagnostics, LLC he or she will be held to the highest professional standards in ultrasound technology, patient care, and customer service. We are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable examinations to our patients all in the comfort of a familiar office setting. 

Board-Certified Interpreting Physicians

Reports are completed in a 24-hour turn-around time to immediate turn-around time for STAT reads; if needed, a three hour  WET read. FID’s radiologists  provide the very best in patient care by making providers have a mechanism to receive timely reports automatically, view reports anytime, and view actual cases anytime.

All clients will be able to attend Quality Assurance meetings in order to review how Florida Imaging Diagnostics is performing according to accreditation standards and guidelines and other external forces.

Florida Agency For Health Care Administration (AHCA)

Health Care Clinic

License# HCC8892 - Portable Equipment Provider 

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