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FID has a variety of education services and products that will meet the goals of professionals in the ultrasound diagnostic field. CME courses, hands on training, tutoring, CPR classes to name a few, with membership discounts.

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Ultrasound Physics by FID 8 CME


Course is written for professionals in the field of non-invasive diagnostic testing in the modality ultrasound. This material is presented to help professional be both technically and tactfully ready to perform diagnostic sonography testing. The content in this material will discuss how ultrasound physics and instrumentation can be learned in three different levels to optimize the understanding in this specialty. The first section is Level I. This chapter is the core to ultrasound physics and instrumentation and it involves “What It Takes To Get a Good Image.” This initial level is important because in the field of diagnostic sonography imaging being able to properly scan is expected and takes time to be efficient. It is not only having the knowledge how to obtain images cost-effectively but also setting a base of understanding ultrasound physics and instrumentation. Level 1 will begin preparing sonographer to pass a credentialing examination by putting ultrasound physics and instrumentation to practice from the start.  Level II, advance ultrasound physics and instrumentation with advance knobology involves “Improving Level 1 Skills.” Once universal ultrasound diagnostic images can be obtained they must be optimized for the best detail resolution possible. Level III, is the last section and this section is about being “Test Orientated” for any sonography examinations. With Florida Imaging Diagnostics (FID) experience, technologists are able to grasp the physics of ultrasound imaging by putting scanning to practice throughout Levels. 

From $50.00

Vascular Series Utilizing Non-Invasive Diagnostic Techniques in the Modality Ultrasound 2015, 8 CMEs

A focus on performiing  CCA, UEV, LEV, UEA, & LEA vascular diagnostic testing with sonography. 

From $75.00

CPR / First Aid

CPR Heatlh Care Provider, CPR Non-Health Care Provider, First Aid, to name a few. 

From $20.00

Sonograher (Hands On Scanning, Tutoring)

Improve resume with experience, registry or both.  

From $60.00

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