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Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Professionals

Join our ultrasound department where your clinical skills and business skills will be utilized to their fullest with the latest technology.

1. Our relaxed atmosphere encourages you to provide patient-focused care.

2. Without constant patient count pressure, your technical abilities can be utilized to their fullest.

3. Enjoy patient interaction with each and every patient to establish rapport.   

4. Quality overrides quantity.

5. The freedom to show your ultrasound imaging expertise.

6. Learn new skills or expand your skills to stay competitive.

7. We are always open for suggestions for the ongoing improvement of daily objectives.

8. Your opinion counts and leadership insures your opinions are heard and you will be part of change. 

Career Choice

Making a Difference with Ultrasound

For a promising career, ultrasound can give you a competitive salary and rewarding career in a short period of time. Sonographers must stay competitive by staying up to date with knowledge and up to date with scanning skills.

Prepare Your Career Path with an Ultrasound Counselor

A counselor is available to discuss your new career path or to enrich your career path by showing the value of being multi-credentialed or cross-functional.

Ultrasound Diagnostic Sonographers are in need and sonographers are one of the top ten paying jobs available, according to CNN in the year 2006; to date sonographers are still in demand.

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